Wondering Mind

I want to ask you a quick question.

Do you remember the last time you walked over to the living room or the kitchen to get something but forgot what it was as soon as you got there?  Maybe you were driving a car and when you arrived at your destination you realised you didn’t remember which route you took? How often are you in the shower but in your mind, you are already stressing about a conversation or a situation which will happen later that day?

According to a study by Harvard University psychologists, Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert – “We spend 47% of our waking hours thinking about something other than what we’re doing, and this mind-wandering typically makes us unhappy.”  This means that we are not present, not paying attention almost half of the time, half of our life. I often hear people say- when did we get so old?  when did the kids get so big?  etc. but when you think about this stat, it is not surprising that we keep feeling like time is slipping through our fingers.

No matter how busy we are (I work with some extremely busy people), no matter how many responsibilities we have, we can learn to be more mindful, we can learn to be able to concentrate better and have more control over our attention. Our brain is flexible and forever changing and we can master new skills regardless of our age or background.

If you are already aware of the fact that we only have one life and that we are not getting another shot at this, try being more present this Easter. Start with things you enjoy, really notice what you are doing, how does it make you feel, what can you experience with all your senses in that moment, where is your breath, where is your mind, where is your heart? Be aware that colours might suddenly become more vivid, sounds might seem more beautiful, a smell might remind you of something wonderful from the past, you might notice someone you have never noticed before, you might feel a lot more alive!

, by Kasia Olszko
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