personal coaching

Deep down you know that you need to change something in your life. Your body might be telling you to stop. Your mind might be getting out of control.

Maybe you are on a rollercoaster of stress and anxiety; endlessly fluctuating between mental states. It is easy to get stuck in this place, which inevitably affects our health, our quality of life, our relationships and our confidence.

Maybe you are looking for more clarity and creativity in your life.  The only way to access those is by going beyond the constant stream of thoughts and inner chatter and becoming more aware of your feelings, true needs and abilities.

Maybe you are experiencing a difficult time or an important transition and need something to help your stay grounded, calm and focused.  It can be very easy to get overwhelmed and off track but we all have the inner strength to navigate our lives, all we need to do is find our way back to it.

Think of Mindful Workshop Coaching experience as an energizing, empowering and creative process. My approach is based in mindfulness which is essentially gentle, kind and non- judgmental. My life coaching program is supported by development of a personal mindfulness and/or meditation practice. This is a guarantee of long-term results. Together we will create new mindful habits, which will support not only your coaching process but help you stay on track long after our sessions come to an end.

95% of our actions and decision making happens on the subconscious level; we function on autopilot. This is the way our brains have evolved to cope with the overwhelming amount of information that we must process on a daily basis. It doesn't just apply to mundane tasks like making a cup of tea, but also to the way in which we interact with those around us or the way we respond to difficult situations. Often all we need is someone who can help us to become more aware of ourselves, and find the power to shift our habitual thinking patterns so that we can create new solutions to our existing problems and challenges.


I am a right coach for you if…

  • You are ready to make changes in your life
  • You sometimes struggle to understand and to control your emotions
  • You feel restless and anxious, on edge or even ready to explode
  • You want to become calmer and more creative
  • You are always looking to the future in the hope that one day you will find happiness
  • You feel too stressed and overwhelmed to enjoy life
  • You relive past experiences and ruminate over what you could have done differently
  • You lack the confidence to make changes in your life
  • You have a strong inner critic


If any of the above apply to you I am totally with you. I was (and sometimes still am) there myself, in my head, feeling down and disconnected, ruled by my feelings, thoughts and emotions.

I have done a lot of work on myself over the years, tried many different coaching techniques and personal growth approaches but it wasn't until I discovered mindfulness that all of the puzzles came together.

Unpacking the layers of stress, expectation, past pain and false self-image is never simple but it is possible and available to all of us.  All it takes is making that 1st step.


When working with me:

  • You will be in a safe, confidential environment
  • You will never be judged
  • You will discover a new perspective
  • You will discover your strengths and uniqueness
  • You will create, and implement, a plan of action (with my help)
  • You will learn to accept & appreciate yourself

Whether it is something you can’t quite name or a very specific challenge that you are facing. I am here to help you find a way out of stress, anxiety and self-doubt.


Deciding to invest in yourself is the best decision you will ever make because the quality of your relationship with yourself determines the quality of your relationship with success, happiness, love, ‘God’, money, time, health and luck. Everything starts with you, with how content, how valued, how happy, how fulfilled you feel. Mindful Workshop sessions will pull you out of your routine and this in itself creates new energy, which always leads to change.

You can’t change reality, all you can change is your perception of it.

Happiness and success are available to all of us but we do need to learn how to create it and sustain it. This process is different for each one of us and that is why personal coaching is so valuable. It is tailored to your specific needs, your experience and your individual journey.

Individual Coaching Programmes

One Month Mindful

1 month

Develop your own personal mindfulness practice and free yourself from stress and anxiety.


This program is for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed with how busy your are
  • You want to live a more stress & anxiety free life
  • You want to gain more clarity and focus
  • You would like to start meditating but feel you are not capable of it
  • You want to develop a personal mindfulness practice which is tailored specifically to your needs.

When you complete the program:

  • You will feel calmer, stronger and more self-aware
  • You will experience more flexibility in your thinking
    Your will have more clarity
  • You will know how to deal with difficult emotions
  • Your general sense of well-being will improve


During This Program You Will:

  • Explore a range of mindful techniques you can incorporate into your daily life (not meditation)
  • Learn about mindfulness meditation
  • Develop a personal mindfulness & meditation practice, which best serves your needs and lifestyle


How does it work?

Step 1
We start with a written questionnaire so I can get to know you and better understand your needs as well as the challenges and obstacles you are facing.

Step 2
We meet face to face for 75 minutes once a week (in person or on Skype) for a duration of 4 weeks.

Step 3
You will receive weekly assignments and tasks to complete inbetween sessions. I will email you weekly with personalised inspiration.

Step 4
We evaluate and celebrate the journey.


Mindful Revolution

3 months

Gain a whole new perspective and become a more content & creative version of yourself through self exploration, developing personal mindfulness practice and learning to focus on what serves you most.


This program if for you if…

  • You feel anxious and restless
  • Your body is giving you clear signs that something needs to change
  • You want to become more happy, connected to yourself and fulfilled
  • You are struggling with a particular aspect of your life – a difficult relationship, your job, life situation, upcoming challenge, an incident from the past
  • You know you are not happy but you are not sure what it is that you need to change

At the end of the program you will…

  • Feel more relaxed and focused
  • Be more flexible in your thinking and therefore more creative
  • Have a whole new perspective
  • Be clear on how to deal with your key challenges
  • Become your own best friend
  • Have more confidence and inner joy



I will do my best to make this process inspiring and light. The idea is not that you leave feeling drained of energy, but that you are given a boost. We won’t be dwelling on the past and going over previous mistakes or bad choices. Instead we will focus on your strengths, your passions, your dreams and the future you want to create for yourself.


During This Program You Will:

  • Develop your personal Mindfulness practice which will forever support you in your daily life
  • Always be listened to without judgement and expectation
  • Receive home assignments which will help you get clear on your needs, goals, strengths and capabilities.
  • Create a plan of action (with my help)
  • Receive weekly inspiration tailored especially for you (to help you stay on track)


How does it work?

Step 1
We start with a written questionnaire so I can get to know you and better understand your needs as well as the challenges and obstacles you are facing.

Step 2
Together we decide on the focus and direction of the coaching process.

Step 3
We meet face to face (in person or on Skype) for 75 minutes per session and for up to 12 sessions. You will receive weekly assignments and tasks to complete inbetween sessions.

Step 4
We evaluate and celebrate the journey.


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