One Month Mindful

Create new mental habits for life!

Do you want to feel more balanced and happy?

Do you want to experience less stress and anxiety in your day to day?

Do you want to deepen your relationship with yourself and others?


If the answer to any of the above is YES, this course is for you.

One month is long enough to create new habits but short enough to be able to actually do it!



  • Manage your stress better
  • Understand your emotions and moods
  • Become more aware of your thought patterns and how they affect your life
  • Learn simple relaxation techniques, which you can access anytime and anywhere
  • Feel more happy and alive on a daily basis
  • Improve your sleep and sense of general well-being
  • Slow down
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Calm the racing mind

We are all extremely busy and have to juggle so many things in our daily lives that I believe, we need to keep things simple.

This is the best way to create positive change.

Modern society doesn’t make it easy for us to remain relaxed, kind, open and creative.

  • Our brain is not evolving fast enough to be able to deal with the amount of data it needs to process on a daily basis
  • We have access to so many things that we constantly feel like we are missing out or not doing enough
  • We are being given too many choices and it is extremely easy to become confused and indecisive
  • We are expected to do more in less time
  • We are more often than not away from our family and closest friends, the “support network”
  • We are forced to plan for the future, set goals and achieve but we are not being given the time and opportunity to recharge and restore
  • We are constantly under pressure to be creative and to innovate
  • We are competing with others on a daily basis
  • We are under a lot of external economic and political pressure


What your life would be like if you could self-regulate your stress response and relax as soon as you feel tense.

  • Imagine that you have full control over your attention. You can decide what you focus on and stay with it for as long as you want.
  • Imagine if you could see your thoughts and emotions from a distance, without getting caught up in them and carried away by the experience.
  • Imagine if you could choose your response rather than react in habitual ways.
  • Imagine if you could sustain the beginner’s mindset at all times and learn more every day.
  • Imagine if you could see things for what they really are with clarity and compassion.
    Imagine becoming aware of how your mind works so you can rewire your brain in a way that works best for you and those around you.


A mindful life means life filled with more joy, life on your own terms, life that serves you and your needs rather than following a prewritten script by either society, family or your job.

Life filled with gratitude and appreciation for what you already achieved and /or been given. Life, which feels slower and fuller rather than the constant feeling of chasing your own tail and crossing days off on the calendar as if the pages would never run out (they will).

Life which makes times for family, friendships, building new relationships, taking time out just for you and experiencing BEING rather than just DOING.

A life worth living.

How does it work?

This course is a gift you are giving to yourself. How much you get out of it depends on how much time you dedicate to your practice and reflection.

*At the start of each week, you will receive an email introducing a new topic. Attached to it will be worksheets and recorded meditations with your practice for the week:

Week One – Mindful Pause
Week Two – Look inside
Week Three – Accept & Let Go
Week Four – Gratitude & Attitude

*Midweek you will receive a second email, which will help you stay on track and reflect on your personal practice. It will also help you dive deeper into the subject.

*BONUS material at the end of the course to continue guiding you on your way to being more mindful, which is an on-going journey for us all.

Ania Aftowicz

Business & Mindset Coach

Working with Kasia was truly transformational! My main goal for our cooperation was to focus more on being mindful in my everyday life. I wanted to higher that way my energy levels, as well as regularly practice self-love by holding a space where insights can occur. I cannot express enough how profound this experience was. All sessions were personally tailored mindfulness practices that enabled me to trust myself more and listen to my intuition. Kasia provided me with the tools I can use on daily basis to feel more connected to who I truly am and what I really want. The side effect is being happier as a busy mom of 2 little boys, business owner and expat living in a foreign country. Additionally, I have to say that Kasia is an amazing woman herself. She is not only fully professional in what she is doing, but also extremely warm, charming human-being! A pleasure to spend time with. A wonderful soul, beautiful inside & outside. I’m so happy to call her my friend now and hopefully, we will work with each other in the future!

Ola Korbolewska

Recruitment and Sourcing Specialist

"Kasia is an amazing human being. Very passionate about what she's doing. She made me realize that taking care of my mental health is as much important as keeping my body fit! Thanks to her guidance I've started to understand my emotions better, I found a way to self-compassion and self-awareness. Kasia showed me that I'm capable of creating my own happiness by letting go of things I cannot control. Thanks to her help I've learned how I can improve my day to day life just by introducing a few simple exercises and techniques! I'm so grateful that our paths have crossed!"

Pilar Diez de Medina


  Kasia is an amazing mindfulness coach and she really helps with embedding those mindful habits in a natural manner into your everyday routine without making it time-consuming or difficult. She helps you identify the things that bring value to your life and the ones that you should eliminate. Every weekly exercise has its purpose and is truly mind changing in a simple manner. From being more grateful to identifying your negative thought patterns, everything is there for a reason and changes the unhealthy automatic mode of the mind. I think this course is essential for anyone who is looking to slow down their routine, re-connect with their surroundings and manage their time more effectively. This is essential in the digitalized, fast world we live in.  Amazing ! and 100 % recommended!

Sophie Anderson

Upper Cervical Chiropractor and Director of Keystone Specific Chiropractic, Barcelona

Kasia is one of my favourite people to work! She is professional, efficient, knowledgeable and above all else truly cares about helping people through Mindfulness. From my personal experience working with her I have thoroughly enjoyed it and always leave a better version of myself .

Judith Tierno

Founder -, Barcelona

Working with Kasia has helped me to manage stress and increase my self-confidence. Since I started to apply the mindfulness techniques Kasia is teaching me I have become more aware and better prepared for everything life throws at me. When negative thoughts appear I know how to process them and how best to approach the situation. I make progress in every session; learning to focus on things that are really important to me, to set boundaries, to remain faithful to my priorities, and all this without losing energy or being overwhelmed. I have tried other types of coaching and found them exhausting, but with Kasia the sessions flow and fill me with energy. I recommend her 100%.

One Month Mindful

Choose from the following three options
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Online Course

    2 weekly messages which educate, guide and inspire change, coming directly to your mailbox
    weekly practice ideas with specific worksheets and/or guided meditation, to support you on your personal journey to a more mindful life
    recorded audio summary of the course which allows you to create a feasible practice plan going forward + bonus material to help you stay inspired and motivated

Investment €99 – Join Now


Online Course + Personal Practice Plan

    2 weekly messages which educate, guide and inspire change, coming directly to your mailbox
    weekly practice ideas with specific worksheets and/or guided meditation, to support you on your personal journey to a more mindful life
    1 x 90min personal session with me to discuss your experience during the course and come up with the best possible practice plan going forward. You will receive a written summary of that session which you will be able to refer to every time you get off track or need a mindful reminder

Investment €169 – Join Now


Full Immersion | Personal Coaching Programme

    2 weekly messages which educate, guide and inspire change, coming directly to your mailbox
    weekly practice ideas with specific worksheets and/or guided meditation, to support you on your personal journey to a more mindful life
    4 x 75min weekly, 1:1 session with me to deepen your experience and focus the content towards your personal needs, goals, and challenges in order to to get the best results!
    A written summary of the coaching process, which will include a very personal practice plan to best support you going forward
    bonus material to help you stay inspired and motivated on this new journey

Investment €699 – Join Now


Mindfulness is a mental skill… you can learn it, cultivated it and improve over time. It is about being able to live in the here and now and cultivating feelings of true happiness and inner calm, and that is priceless.