Mindful Easter


Easter for many of us means spending more time with our family which is amazing but let’s be honest, it can be challenging at times. Relationships with other family members can often feel so much more intense, emotionally charged and tricky to handle.  Sometimes it’s because we care too much, often is because others care too much about us. Holding your space and setting healthy boundaries is key and in the long run beneficial to everybody but it is only possible if we can stay calm, compassionate and understanding. What if Easter could be about sharing, hugging, eating lovely food and truly enjoying the moment with people we want to spend our time with..


The more content we feel, the less affected we are by chaos and intensity around us. Regular mindfulness practice can build a true sense of inner peace, stability and confidence and the best part is that it’s out there for everyone to explore!


Practice : you can start by doing a simple breathing meditation. All you need is a quiet space where you can be by yourself for 3 minutes. Yes, that is all it takes. 3 minutes per day.

To download you 3 minute breath awareness meditation go to mindfulworkshop.com

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