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We all have goals, dreams and a vision of how we would ideally like our life to pan out. When approaching the end of the year we tend to start thinking of ways we can improve our lives, moving forward into a new chapter. We hit the ground running, for one or two weeks, maybe a month if we’re lucky, but come February we’re often back repeating the same patterns and habits wondering what ‘the missing link’ is for creating long-term sustainable changes in ourselves or in our lives.

Ever wondered why it seems so hard to create what you DO want but all too easy to ATTRACT undesirable experiences into your life? This is where an awareness around the law of vibration and manifesting ( and using these to consciously create your desires ) can be a game changer for your life.

We learned in high school that everything in the entire universe is made up of atoms ( including us ). When we look at anything, whether that be a chair, person or an apple, we are only seeing 1% of it, the other 99% being energy waves. Quantum physicists have shown that although matter appears to be solid when it is broken down into molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, and quanta it is essentially energy waves oscillating at different frequencies.

So what does this have to do with achieving goals? A study showed that when two positively electrically charged spheres get close enough together they’ll begin to attract each other. The law of vibration basically says that everything in our universe, whether we can see it and touch it or not, has its own energetic pattern ( again, including us )and we draw to us experiences, people and things that are in vibrational alignment with the frequency that we are offering.

Our mission: train ourselves to raise our vibration to meet that of what we wish to create.

How do we do that?

3. Noticing our self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are the beliefs we hold to be true about ourselves. They’re the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves over and over again that fill us with fear, worry and doubt and essentially ( and unfortunately ) play a big part in creating our reality.

If we look into the area of our life where we consistently see less than desirable results, more often than not this can be associated with a belief that we hold to be true about ourselves or our situation ( whether we are aware of it or not ). This makes it a whole lot more challenging for us to create what we wish to create.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • ‘I’ll never lose weight’
  • ‘There isn’t enough time/money/insert resource here to do….’
  • ‘I’m unlucky in love’
  • ‘People will judge me if I do…’
  • ‘I don’t deserve it’
  • ‘Money is hard to come by’

Often these limiting and depreciating beliefs are picked up during childhood and passed down from generations, or they’re picked up along the way via an event, action or passing comment. They make their way into our subconscious mind which absorbs information from the world around us and stores it as ‘the truth’.

Our subconscious mind has no filter and doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not so we often go through life perceiving and creating situations based on these false and often harmful beliefs.  Because our conscious mind acts on the information that is stored in our subconscious, if we want to create something different in our lives to what we are currently experiencing the beliefs that first created our current experiences must change.

The good news? These limiting beliefs are not facts and they can be changed.

We ALL have the ability to change our thoughts and our subconscious beliefs which will, in turn, change our reality.

2. Using emotions to help us create

Recognising that everything is energy means acknowledging that our thoughts and our emotions are too. Emotions have their own vibration ( each emotion, a different vibration )

our emotions are linked to our belief system so can give us a lot of insight into beliefs that could be bringing our vibration down essentially hindering us from being a vibrational match with that which we wish to create. We often repeat the same emotional dynamic over and over again because our thoughts that are behind them aren’t changing.

When we are looking to achieve a goal or create something new in our life, often we need to change our emotional set point related to that specific subject. Emotions can work as a record of the past so they can give us so much insight into the into our current thoughts that could be making our overall vibration lower. However, this doesn’t mean ignoring the lower emotions or striving to feel positive all the time. Not only is that impossible it is also counterproductive as suppressing our emotions is what keeps us stuck in that same emotional dynamic creating the same circumstances and unable to move past events, trauma, stress, and anxiety.

We have to recognise emotions for what they are ( e – motion = energy in motion ) and understand that are simply messengers bringing us information. Through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, journaling or taking the time to ‘be’ instead of ‘do’ we can start to cultivate the kind of emotional intelligence where we can recognise, acknowledge and understand the source of the emotion and figure out our own individual way of letting it go or reprogramming it to come back to a higher vibration time and time again. Allowing us to move through that emotion rather than holding on to it throughout our body, mind, and soul.

3. Love or fear 

Is your desire coming from the right place? Is it coming from a place of love and wanting to reach your full potential and step into the best version of you. Or is it coming from a place of fear, trying to create ‘happiness’ from external sources, filling voids or for the fear of what will happen if you don’t have said desire?  Why does the intention behind the desire matter? Again, it all comes down to vibration. If the underlying reasons for our desires are based on fear, boredom, revenge, frustration, anger or any low vibration emotions, then we are not in vibrational alignment with what we wish to create.  This may mean reframing our why and creating desires from a place of love over fear, from that place of ‘I am enough and I have enough’ instead of ‘I am not enough and I don’t have enough’. A bit of digging into our core values and reframing our motivation behind our goals can shift our vibration from resistant to receptive.

Let’s go from ‘I want to start my own business because I hate my job and my boss’ to ‘I want to create my own business because I would love to pursue my creative passion’

Or, ‘I want to lose 10 kgs because I’m unhealthy and look terrible’ to ‘I would love to lose some weight to be healthier and have more energy for my partner and children’

We want to create and live from ‘our truth’ from that place that knows and understands more than our fear-driven logical mind.


Bridget Jane is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner from New Zealand. She is passionate about living a mindful, non-toxic lifestyle and creating a ripple effect of happiness and healing by helping others understand that there is more than one way to educate, medicate, live and love.


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, by Bridget Jane
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