Chasing Happiness

Have you ever found yourself chasing an amazing experience from the past? Something you have done and loved so much you want it to happen again and again. Maybe you feel like nothing will ever compare to that experience, nothing will ever beat it.

A similar thing can happen with meditation. You might have had an amazing experience; calming, spiritual, out of body, whatever it might be for you, and ever since then you have been chasing that state of nirvana. This becomes your idea of the “perfect” meditation and you want to get really good at meditating so you can achieve that state again.

But what if I told you that there is no good or bad meditation, that there is no state we should be trying to achieve, no feeling we should be feeling? Our mind doesn’t have to be calm and clear. If we can stop idealising our positive experiences we move closer to accepting everything life has to offer, the positive, the negative and the neutral. Life is never one-dimensional. To understand true happiness we need to also experience pain. To be able to get crazy excited about something, we must sometimes experience boredom. The simplest way to appreciate abundance is to be deprived of things for a while.

Letting go of that craving for positive feelings is difficult but the moment you start loosening the grip, you enter a more relaxed state of being. Learning to accept the whole range of mental states and emotions means that you can be more balanced, more leveled, and things you fear, dislike, even hate become more neutral. Ha, maybe even positive.

Mindfulness is about accepting the fullness of life. It is the ability to be present in the moment with whatever comes up, without the need to judge it, change it, improve it or resist it. Whether your experience in the moment is amazing, beautiful, scary or unpleasant it will pass. It is just a moment. When you learn to let go of those moments, when you allow them to pass, you open up to whatever comes next. This attitude gives you a sense of true freedom but also opens you up to a whole range of new opportunities. Don’t we all want to live a fuller life? I know I do 🙂


With love,

Kasia x



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