the founder

Hi, I am Kasia. I am a certified Mindfulness based Awareness Coach & certified Well-being Coach.

I do this work because I believe we all deserve to feel truly content, worthy and good about ourselves. I also believe that with the right guidance we are all capable of creating our own happiness and with the right amount of work and commitment we can become the best version of ourselves.

If you are interested in my story, read on.


Over time dance became more associated with pain and suffering than with happiness and joy

I started performing professionally at the age of 13 in musical theatre shows in Warsaw. I decided to follow my dreams and audition for a place in one of the most respected musical theatre schools in London. They awarded me a scholarship and I moved to London alone at the age of 16. As you can imagine it was a massive challenge for me and for my family but I was absolutely certain about what I wanted. Training was extremely intense and without the right physical support I started to struggle with injuries. Over time dance became more associated with pain and suffering than with happiness and joy. Having put so much work into my studies I made the extremely difficult choice to quit dancing and focus on acting alone.


For the next 10 years I lived between Warsaw and London. Everyday life meant stressful auditions, dealing with external judgment and constant financial uncertainty but also many interesting and ambitious projects, which contributed to my growth both as an artist and as a person. Over the years I attended several workshops with world renowned acting coaches. Their approach focused on character development through the development of oneself, since true acting is simply living the life of your character. You need to find all the emotions, motivations and reasoning in yourself before you can give it to your character. Only then do you become the part you are playing and this is what all the great actors do… this is the “magic”.


Simultaneously I was drawn to the other side of the camera and soon began working as an International TV producer. This gave me an opportunity to grow in a completely new way. I was fortunate to work on a number of high profile advertising projects with exciting creative talent. Years spent in theatre and TV as an actress and producer gave me a very wide perspective on emotions, communication, stress and the nature of today’s busy, demanding and always-on society.



“Creativity, connection, growth & contribution was always a key driving force regardless of the work I was doing. "



In the last few years, I knew there would be a shift in my life, I could feel I was growing to focus on something new. My yoga and meditation practice have been a true anchor for me for many years as was my passion for supporting others. I decided to retrain as Mindfulness-Based Awareness Coach and Wellbeing Coach in one of London’s most amazing mindfulness centres. I also had a lifelong dream of living in the sunshine, so I simultaneously decided to make my dreams become reality and move countries once again, this time together with my family. We chose Barcelona for our new home and we never looked back.



In 2016 I founded Mindful Workshop, your go-to place for more inner peace, purpose, and productivity. I have a vision to create a happier and healthier society where we know how to look after our minds and we can live with more ease. This vision makes me excited for the future but also excited today, in the present moment. Because all we really have is the HERE and NOW.




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