Self-care made simple

I am sure you have heard the term self-care before. Maybe it is already part of your routine, maybe you would like some ideas for how to get better at it. I am one of those coaches who believe that self-care is absolutely crucial to our well-being. Without it, in the long run, we are getting nowhere. 

A short period of high intensity, adrenaline, and even stress is totally fine and can often help us feel more alive but when this state becomes our norm, it starts to have quite the opposite effect. What is challenging is that we are very often not aware of the pace and intensity of our lives.  We are not aware that the amount of stress and pressure we are under is actually above our comfort zone.  We lose the sense of what is within our limits, what is healthy. Many of us fluctuate from long periods of high intensity to occasional deep relaxation during a massage or few hours in a spa but that is not enough. What we lose is our baseline, so that place of ease and comfort which is different for all of us but to which we should go back to as often as we can. 

The key to maintaining that perfect balance is to perform little acts of self-care on a daily basis, not wait until we feel we are up against the wall, already getting ill, or are completely exhausted. The more balanced we can stay in our day to day the happier and more positive we will feel in the long term. 

Few ideas of simple self-care that you can apply during your day

* stop whatever you are doing and take a few deep breaths
* next time you look in the mirror.. smile
* correct your posture during the day
* close your eyes for 30 seconds and try to relax your shoulders, your neck, your jaw
* eat one nutritious meal per day, your body needs it and deserves it
* drink a glass of water
* next time you notice you are are being hard on yourself, give yourself a break 
* go to sleep 1h earlier than usual
* take 10 minutes out of your day to sit down and just watch the world around you 
* take a short walk in nature (you can try taking your shoes off)
* call someone you care about and ask how they are doing
* take a bath 
* walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift
* listen to a song you love
* read something inspiring before going to sleep
* hug someone or let them hug you
* give yourself a compliment 

Life shouldn’t be about surviving from one holiday to the next. We should be able to enjoy more of the in-between and feel good from Monday to Friday because that is a vast chunk of our life. The life that feels too short already… Modern society can be very intense but it is up to us to watch out for ourselves, to be smart so we can become more resilient and therefore happier.  


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

– Anne Lamott

, by Kasia Olszko
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