Mindful Workshop

Mindful Workshop was founded with a vision to create a happier and healthier society. I believe self-discovery and open, non-judgemental awareness are superpowers which can help us create a happier life for ourselves and a better world for everyone to share. We deliver tailor-made, mindfulness and well-being focused events; group workshops and individual coaching programs.


We are living in an attention deficit society. Everyday we are being bombarded with increasing number of information. Excessive use of technology makes our minds spin faster than ever before. Our daily lives are becoming more and more demanding yet our ability to manage those demands isn’t improving. We are constantly busy but no matter how good we get at multitasking we still feel like we are missing out. This way of life can be overwhelming and stressful and in the long term can result in sleep and anxiety disorders, burn out and depression.

To stay sane, to feel at ease and to be happy we need to develop tools which will help us counterbalance the external pressure of modern life. Being more mindful means being more relaxed, more in tune with our needs and limitations, aware of our emotions and reactions, more focused and productive but also more loving, compassionate and grateful.

This practice is suitable for everyone regardless of the cultural background and religion.  If done regularly it can very quickly change your life and create more resilience,  feelings of inner calm,  and sense of deep confidence.

Key benefits of mindfulness practice:

  • Reduction of stress and tension
  • Ability to think clearly and focus
  • Sense of inner peace
  • More happiness and joy in daily life
  • Increased creativity
  • Acceptance and deep confidence
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater physical health
    and sense of well-being
  • Better sleep and greater relaxation


Mindfulness is a mental skill… you can learn it, cultivated it and improve over time. It is a type of awareness that arises from consciously paying attention, non judgmentally, to the present moment.



I do this work because I believe we all deserve to feel truly content, worthy and at ease in our lives. I also believe that with the right guidance we are all capable of creating our own happiness and with the right amount of work and commitment we can overcome stress and become a more creative and focused version of ourselves.